Make/Do: Oleo Saccharum is The Miracle Method for Getting The Most Out of Your Citrus

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Citrus peel, sugar and a couple of hours are all the commitment you need.
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  • dnhaider30 posted 2 years ago

    Washing citrus with very warm water will remove the wax as well as help open the "pores" of the citrus rind helping with greater extraction. Also using a super sharp peeler can make the removal of the rind sans pith much easier. Rösle makes and excellent peeler, all stainless steel and can be resharpened.

  • js704800 posted 2 years ago

    They do usually put a vegetable wax over citrus, maybe a quick hand wash would work. dish soap might add a weird flavor.

  • js704800 posted 2 years ago

    The pith is super bitter so try and use only the peel.

  • stinkoid posted 2 years ago

    Wash with dish soap first?

  • elizabeth.belanger.35 posted 2 years ago

    Is it okay to also include the pith, or should it just be the peel?

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