How to Drink Vodka

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  • Slowianin posted 4 years ago

    Wodka was born in poland and must to be ice cold and no anything else.

  • Rafal posted 4 years ago

    Take it easy. Wodka was born in Poland!

  • Dia posted 5 years ago

    You've said what I've been saying for years, spirits fit the food of the culture they come from.

  • Johnnie posted 5 years ago

    People just like what they like . I like a good vodka cocktail every now and then but I don't like drinking much of it because I get one hell of a hangover .

  • scotti posted 5 years ago

    Sorry but VODKA was born in Russia. ;-)

  • hakan posted 5 years ago

    Ciroc is a great tasting spirit, but I do not put it in the vodka category, it is too distinctive being made from grapes. I have tasted stoli elite, absolute, grey goose, svedka, and Smirnoff red. They are listed from best too worst

  • Dominik MJ • the opinionated alchemist posted 5 years ago

    Look - you started so well, you almost convinced me [yeah - not really] - yeah vodka is different - but overall b.s.
    I really liked your comparison with tofu - made perfectly sense!

    But then, you are putting it again aligned to cocktails. Which is the "original epic fail" of vodka.
    And this is a pity; with that you just again invalidated your credibility....

  • John h posted 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your article very much. I have been drinking shots of different brands directly from my freezer into frozen shot glasses for years, and there really is quite a range of tastes from the various higher end, unflavored vodkas. The one that I have found that I like the most, is a Swedish brand named Purity. It is not available in many places yet. It is packaged in a beautiful bottle with an unusually heavy stopper. Of course beauty and taste is in the eye of the beholder. Prosit

  • Mike posted 5 years ago

    Sure you would get funny looks. Vodka is meant to be drunk ice cold, usually out of freezer. You drink it neat (warm) which deserves a negative reaction from your friends.

  • Mike posted 5 years ago

    Extra vodka was produced in Soviet Union and was one of the nastiest vodkas ever produced. It was similar to Russian Vodka in taste and smell. But it was cheap and was mainly consumed by drunks and students.

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