How to Hack the Hotel Mini Bar

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Hack your way to a better hotel room cocktail.

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  • mark.j.saxton posted 2 years ago

    First, you can make simple syrup if you have a coffee maker....put small equal amts of sugar and water in a proper container and melt.....
    I opened this in hopes of seeing an easier way to "steal" (there, I said it...) from the mini bar. I HAVE HEARD that some hotels actually inventory by weight...a good cocktail guide or liquor POS system should have weights of popular spirit items . Don't forget to add the "tare " weight of the package.
    For the more pedestrian systems, just remember what you did as a kid when you would swipe booze from your parents stash...for clear spirits, water. For brown spirits, you can use that crappy syrup from the brk. buffet mixed w/ water. You will eventually be found out, but if you invade it on the last night of your stay, do the in room check out early the next morning. By the time the discovery is made, there is a SLIGHT chance you will be billed...or they may flag your account and try to collect the next time you stay. Remedy; don't go back there.

  • DrG2FL posted 2 years ago

    Seriously...Hack, pinch,abscond? Surely you meant take a few items that you paid for in your Hotel bill from the breakfast bar. It is difficult to take this site seriously when the "hook" is to steal items from a Hotel. Yes, steal from the nameless, faceless money grubbing corporate world of Hotels. If your child worked like a demon to escape poverty and was savy enough to start a chain of successful hotels what you are recommending is that it is okay to "pinch" a few items because "they won't miss it"? Has the art of journalism sunk to this level? Could no one on your staff be a tad more creative such as "Use your minibar fridge and breakfast buffet freebies to concoct a fabulous Happy Hour!". Not slatious enough?

  • latrecia.brumfieldtate posted 2 years ago

    I love small bottles --perfect portions, portable--, but they are not sold (against state law) in the state I live in. This store has a nice selection.
    Virginia ABC Liquor
    320 23rd St S
    The Buchanan Building
    Crystal City, VA 22202

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