4 Great Cocktails That Prove Honey Belongs in Your Glass

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  • crazyheit.a7840 posted 2 months ago

    If i may i add the recipe for the "Krampus" from our winter menu, which is quite beloved by customers and works with honey too!

    5cl Old Tom Gin
    2cl Botucal(or Diplomatico) Reserva Exclusiva 12 j.
    2cl V.S.O:P. Calvados
    3cl Honey/Cinnamon Syrup
    2cl fresh lemon juice
    1 egg white

    Give everything a hard wet and dry shake, double strain into chilled double old fashioned on a cube. Flame an apple slice for garnish and roast graited cinnamon by letting it fall through the flame on top of the drink. Serve. ;-)

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