Holiday Gift Guide: Rum

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  • Corey posted 7 years ago

    Never tried the Zafra, now I have to. Zaya is a must on any list.

  • Kristin Ohlson posted 7 years ago

    Drat. I wrote down your three moderately priced choices and went to the store but forgot the list. I bought Matusalem. Are you cringing?

  • Matt Robold (RumDood) posted 7 years ago

    Great list, Wayne, though I don't quite agree on the Pyrat Cask 1623. The price is a tad richer than the product it's placed on in my opinion.

    However, anyone receiving any of these rums as a gift would definitely feel pretty happy with them.

  • DJ HawaiianShirt posted 7 years ago

    Great article, Wayne. I'm a big fan of yours. I have a bottle of Pyrat Cask, and I've never tasted such a fine spirit. It'll be difficult for another spirit to prove to me that Pyrat Cask isn't already perfection.

  • Andy posted 7 years ago

    These look awesome. Wish you had links to buy them someplace!

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