How to Cocktail Before, During and After a Holiday Feast

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Make every step of your holiday feast flow with boozy ease.

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  • maxfarris.d61ba posted 1 year ago

    Zeli-- Very Old Barton (80 proof) is a surprisingly delightful Bourbon that you can pick up for less than ten dollars a bottle. Old Overholt Rye is another steal in the less than $15 a bottle range if you prefer Rye to Bourbon for making cocktails. You can make your own simple syrup with sugar for next to nothing (or with honey, even better, for a bit more). And you can get marashino cherries and angostora bitters at Wallmart. Old Fashions for less than the price of Bud Light!

  • rickj57 posted 1 year ago

    Strange web site to be on if you're broke!

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