Highlight Reel: July

It seems like the summer just began, but it’s almost half-over. Before you disappear to enjoy the rest of the season, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite stories from July. Here are five of Liquor.com’s best cocktails-and-spirits features from the past month.

Lemon Season:

Turn your ripe summer lemons into delicious tart-and-sweet limoncello and use their juice in historic drinks.

Mixological Laboratory:

From a shaved-ice blender to a carbonating shaker and even caviar cubes, we found the latest and greatest bar tools and accessories you need to test out.

H2O Cocktails:

Looking for the perfect summery concoction? Learn how to make refreshing and clever infused-water beverages from celebrity chef and mixologist Kathy Casey.

One for the Road:

Vodka is the top-selling spirit in America, and we discovered five of the best bars in the country at which to enjoy the popular liquor.

We Raise a Glass to You:

Get the recipes for nine of the fabulous drinks served at the city’s finest watering holes during Liquor.com’s first annual NYC Cocktail Week.

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Hey,LIQUOR.com,You guys did it again!!!!Not only do you produce and send out THE BEST BOOZE MAGAZINE IN THE USA,then,YOU GIVE US SUBSCRIBERS RUNDOWNS ABOUT THE BEST ARTICLES THAT APPEARED DURING THIS PAST SUMMER.Gotta tell ya,you're "right-on" with what is listed in this article.All "keepers" that we all enjoyed.I know it's hard to believe,but,that's about all I can say about it.Facts are facts,and again you are "right-on".A BIG THANK-YOU FROM ONE OF YOUR REGULAR READERS FROM ARIZONA(TUCSON).

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