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  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Hey,are they talkin to us,or what? Sounds like the boys from the olden days thought that they had the market on all the good places to "attend",and,were the only ones that knew how to drink!Well,I got some news for them there olden bucks,cause we can "Get It Done Here Too".So,what's your pleasure? Nice place to drink at? How bout what we can partake in?Hey,booze is booze any way you cut it.Just depends on what fits your flavor for to "partake in".Shoot rum,vodka,bourbon,scotch,gin,bring it on!Just what do you want? Hey,ya'll "go for it"! Set em up,most of all,ENJOY THAT SPECIAL BOOZE YOU DECIDE ON.So,fron sunny Tucson,Arizona,I bid you a safe,sane,and happy adieu,Terry Bovey.Back better than ever!!!

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