Highlight Reel: August

The dog days of summer are almost over. But between long weekends and vacations, it’s been a busy four weeks. So just in case you’ve missed anything, here are some of Liquor.com’s best cocktails and spirits features from the past month.

The Hot List:

Coconut water has made the jump from health-food-store specialty item to supermarket best-seller. Sure, it’s full of electrolytes and potassium and has no fat, but how do you make cocktails with it? Find out how bartenders are using the healthy ingredient in drinks.

One for the Road:

While trendy new boutique hotels get a lot of attention for their cocktail menus, some of the best hotel bars are actually in historic establishments. From New York to San Francisco, our story features seven of the best old-school watering holes.

Behind the Drink:

Drink like Ernest Hemingway: Read rum expert Wayne Curtis’ fascinating history of Papa’s signature cocktail, the Hemingway Daiquiri.

Raising the Bar:

On most nights, you can find Ryan Fitzgerald behind the bar at Beretta, San Francisco’s famed Mission District restaurant. He’s won acclaim for his cocktails and has developed a reputation as a bartender’s bartender. Find out more about him in this profile written by mixologist Alex Day.


Summer Whiskey Cocktails:

While it’s common to warm up on a brisk fall day with a dram of whiskey, the spirit also works well in cool, summery cocktails. We asked master mixologist and Liquor.com advisor Dale DeGroff for a couple of his favorite hot-weather whiskey drink recipes.

(Image courtesy of Historic Photos of Ernest Hemingway, Turner Publishing)

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  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Hey,are they talkin to us,or what? Sounds like the boys from the olden days thought that they had the market on all the good places to "attend",and,were the only ones that knew how to drink!Well,I got some news for them there olden bucks,cause we can "Get It Done Here Too".So,what's your pleasure? Nice place to drink at? How bout what we can partake in?Hey,booze is booze any way you cut it.Just depends on what fits your flavor for to "partake in".Shoot rum,vodka,bourbon,scotch,gin,bring it on!Just what do you want? Hey,ya'll "go for it"! Set em up,most of all,ENJOY THAT SPECIAL BOOZE YOU DECIDE ON.So,fron sunny Tucson,Arizona,I bid you a safe,sane,and happy adieu,Terry Bovey.Back better than ever!!!

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