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  • tak posted 6 years ago

    doug: infused means, you stick two things together in a jar or container and let them mingle for a few hours and one ingredient will infuse with the other. simple as that.

  • doug phipps posted 6 years ago

    now i'm just an ol east tenn man who likes his burbon neat. what does infused mean, never heard of this and i've been around the world twice. i don't use regular tap(city)water, my water comes from a well thats 500ft deep and is more pure than water that has been purifed as i work for a water dept and have tested it. i like mixed drinks as well as the next person and enjoy trying new stuff. so just explain this infused thing to me.

  • Seth Schreiner posted 6 years ago

    Walt: While you may have a point, bitters and extracts while delicious are not exactly farm fresh.

    MixnSip: Can't say for sure the difference, but my hunch is that due to the chemical composition of water- it interacts differently with the fruit during the infusion process than alcohol would.

  • MixmSip posted 6 years ago

    How about, you shut the hell up!

  • Walt Purcell posted 6 years ago

    Are you kidding?
    That is the dumbest way of making something simple very complicated. Why not just add a flavored extract or bitters to your drink.

  • MixnSip posted 6 years ago

    Do you think there'd be any difference in the final result if you infused the vodka and simply added purified water? It seems to me that the alcohol would intensify the infusion and you'd certainly have a longer shelf life.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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