6 Amazing Places to Visit on a Great Lakes Drinking Road Trip

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  • mikenlaszlogmailcom1427138596 posted 8 months ago

    on your next tour-- stop in St Cats ( Ontario)-- any of the lakeside bars have a Ice Wine Martini-- instead of vermouth they use the local Niagara region ice wine and garnish with frozen grapes ( not easy if you try to freeze grapes) with vodka-- very local . New York has Ice wine also -- a bit sweet to drink by it's self - but a great mixer.

  • niels444.7ac2 posted 8 months ago

    Love the article! Just one edit- flip "Duluth, Mich.’s Vikre Distillery" to "Duluth, Minn.'s Vikre Distillery." Because, you know, we Minnesotan's are a proud people. Come back soon!

  • alcoifaolcom160749661 posted 8 months ago

    Good story Sarah. But it's now time to finish it by touring all the other shores of the Great Lakes to make it complete. Go on another tour.

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