Gourmet Shot: Traci des Jardins

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  • Miato posted 6 years ago

    liquor.com - da mejor. Guardar va!


  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Well,all of you that are a fan of mine,sorry I haven't been on this website for some time now.Anyway,I'm back better than ever!I just read this article,and,if you are like me,we prefer the "rum stuff".Might be a tad sweet,but that rum flavor should come right out for ya.Pretty good buzz can be had by all that partakes this lovely drink.Yeah,just give me rum anyway!Gotta be my favorite booze,ever.So,if you too want to have a good "buzz",ENJOY ALL.It's good to be back,better than ever.So,from sunny Tucson,Arizona,I bid you all adieu!!!! TRB signing off ya'll.

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