Gourmet Shot: Marcus Samuelsson

Recipes: The Brownstoner
Locations: New York

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  • Alex Cimino posted 6 years ago

    Red Rooster is incredible. My favorite cocktail is the Cat's Meow. It has Bulldog Gin, Lillet, Cointreau and Citrus. That drink and the Steak Frites or Oxtail is an excellent night.

  • Fredrik Tilander posted 6 years ago

    Red Rooster = a great place!

    Had a fantastic cocktail there the other night (don´t know the name I'm afraid)

    Xanté Pear Spirit
    Grapefruit juice

    Served in a martini glass


  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Quite a diverse bunch of drinks.We here in Tucson,Arizona try to keep it simple!Any good kind of booze will do.Mix,match,whatever.The important thing is to not drink and drive.You all be safe,and,Terry B. hopes to see you all again.

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