Gin’s Brawny Cousin is 2015’s Next Big Drinking Thing

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Traditional copper pot stills at Belgium’s smallest active grain distillery.

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  • jostheboss63 posted 1 year ago

    AOC Genever:
    In 2008 the Dutch Government and EU created an official AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) for genever which defines exactly what genever is and where it can be made. Just as Champagne or Cognac, Genever is now protected by law, which means it can be produced only in certain regions: Holland, Belgium, and very specific areas of France and Germany. The AOC divided genever into two distinct categories (exclusive to The Netherlands and Belgium): jonge or “young genever,” which can contain no more than 15% malt wine and 10 grams of sugar per liter, and oude or “old genever,” which must contain at least 15% malt wine and no more than 20 grams of sugar per liter. The terms ‘young’ and ‘old’ don’t refer to any aging of the spirit, but rather the new or old style of making genever.

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