The Five Biggest Scotch Myths

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  • Downhill Dude posted 4 years ago

    I might agree with you, now that I'm a true Scotch drinker, but it was bad Scotch that kept me from becoming a Scotch drinker for a few decades. I tried a few cheap blends, when I was much younger, and they were gross. Many years later (20-25), I tried a nice single malt, and was converted. I can tolerate a cheap blend now, but it really turned me off of Scotch for a long time.

    I'm kinda like that with Port, as well. I can drink Tawny now, but never cared for it in the beginning. I still prefer a good vintage Port. Tequila is also a liquor that has a night-and-day difference between the good stuff, and the cheap crap.

  • Darkjedi62 posted 4 years ago

    bad scotch is still better than no scotch

  • nadim posted 4 years ago

    I am a scotch drinker since very long,i enjoyed blended scotch for a long period of time, a friend of mine brought me a bottle of one of the most expensive single malts in the U.S.A. and was bragging about it,I tried it he was positive that i am going to love it,That was not the case! Till this moment i enjoy scotch in different ways according to many things including :weather,mood ,craving and time.

  • Jacob Thrall posted 4 years ago

    All very true! As always, the real expert transcends the level of the snob and offers the same sage advice: if you like it, it's good, everybody else's rules can go hang.

    Probably the biggest Scotch myth here in the UK is "blends are no good, single malt is where it's at". The same sort of advice holds there too, I think. If you enjoy a blend, it's a good whiskey. If you don't like a single malt, it's not as good as your favourite blend. There are great malts, there are great blends; there are some pretty indifferent malts and some pretty appalling blends.

    Let the snobs say what they like about malts (especially the cripplingly expensive ones) always being better than blends - they're not really concerned about whiskey anyway, more about how great a connoisseur they appear to be.

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