12 Bartenders Confess the Most Embarrassing Things They Used to Drink

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  • Manalto posted 3 months ago

    We're a peculiar culture, with our emphasis on being cool all the time (beyond the age of 15) and our worry about how others will perceive us. Order a rum and Coke and suffer the scorn of your more-sophisticated (or are they?) colleagues at the bar. Open a sweet wine at the end of dinner and watch a guest or two look askance at your choice. Yuck! One of the enjoyable things about liquor, besides the obvious, is the wide variety of choices available to us. Judge for yourself, and leave others to enjoy their preferred spirit, whatever it is.

  • zhuatclfk.67fb1 posted 3 months ago

    Hey! Why the "hate" on dirty martinis Kimberly Patton-Bragg?? :P I'm 53 years old and have been drinking them that way since I first learned it was an option, maybe 30 years ago. I freakin' love olives and salt. My dad used to get pissed at me because I would sneak in the fridge and drink all the olive juice from his martini olives. Especially if I can only get a vodka martini because... well that's not really a martini and needs *some* flavor after all. So now I'm not sure which to blame for my hypertension, salt or alcohol...

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