Drinking with ‘The Great Gatsby’

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  • Liquor.com posted 4 years ago

    You're right; we missed that one. Tom and Daisy do indeed talk about making Mint Juleps in the book (though to be fair, nobody ever drinks one). It's a favorite of ours and dates back around 200 years. Here's our recipe: http://liquor.com/recipes/mint-julep-2/

  • Liquor.com posted 4 years ago

    You're right; glasses back then were definitely smaller in general than they are now. But Baz Luhrmann wasn't necessarily going for absolute period accuracy with his set design and props for the movie.

  • Mintjulep posted 4 years ago

    They specifically mention the Mint Julep in the book.

  • msundlov posted 4 years ago

    Isn't the coupe in this photo obnoxiously large for that era? I was under the impression that ol timey coupes were anywhere from 3-4 oz.

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