What to Talk About When You Talk About Armagnac

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  • Armagnac posted 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Ifortuna for the personns that work in Armagnac !

  • hallofhallhall posted 10 months ago

    I agree with IFortuna
    Armagnac is far superior to Cognac, and where as it may but more subtle at the high end market, if you compare a reasonably priced Armagnac to a reasonably priced Cognac in a taste test, the Armagnac will always taste smoother.

  • IFortuna posted 10 months ago

    My opinion is that some of the descriptions mentioned are absurd. I much prefer Armagnac over cognac which I preferred until I found Armagnac.
    Armagnac is earthier and should not ever be compared to mezcal in stature. It's ridiculous.
    The complexities and elegance of Armagnac are light years above cognac which, in my opinion, is very one note.
    "Red head step child"? What an insult to a quality product and the people who produce it.

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