Bartenders Only: Dale DeGroff on the Art of Hospitality

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(Illustration by Ariel Dunitz-Johnson )
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  • pouringpro posted 10 months ago

    As always Dale Degroff delivers laser sharp insights into Hospitaluty.
    As a lifelong student of "Creating The Energy of The Customer Experience", I
    Enjoyed this interview immensely.

    My thoughts: If a Bartender delivers a great experience to a guest on their first visit, the "Energy of that Experience" is permanent and increases or decreases on the the guest's second visit. First time visitors will return if we create an exceptional experience, but if anything effects the second visit in a negative way, in most cases, that chance at creating a lifetime customer is lost.

    Why, because in many cases, they have returned with friends, or their significant other, who are excited by their recommendation. If we, Bartenders, do not, you do not, deliver the same experience and more, you create stress in that friendship/ relationship. That stress results in , " I thought you said this place was great?!" Now you have stressed their friendship and you will now lose customers. For the Energy of that friendship is far stronger than the Energy of their first visit/experience in and at your establishment. The result:
    " I can't believe I thought this place was great. I am embarrassed in front of a lifelong friend." Let's get out of here!"
    Creating and adding to the "Energy of a Customers Experience" is the core of our mission in the Hospitality Industry. The failure to deliver the same, if not a better experience on a second visit is fatal. As a great man said,
    "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."
    Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
    16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

    In the Hospitality Business you can not fool anyone. They can get the beer, the burger, the salad, or steak; up the street, down the street, or at home. What they can not get is You, the Bartender, and the atmosphere and "Energy of the Experience" you create.
    As a Bartender or owner, You can email and text to try and build your business and reputation, but the energy of a visitor's friendships is the strongest
    " Energy of the Experience". We have one chance to link our bar, our beer, our restaurant, our food, to the Energy of that friendship. If we are successful, the result is a restaurant filled with friends and couples returning not once or twice, but weekly, and for a lifetime.

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