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  • djdesros posted 2 years ago

    In Canada (or at least in Ontario) you can't get Everclear (sometimes branded Alcool) without a special license anymore and even if you could it's now close to $100 for a 40oz bottle but I recently discovered another option called Spirytus with a 76% ABV for $35 for a 26oz bottle. Comparatively it is actually a bit more expensive based on the amount of alcohol you're getting but it's far more readily available and cheaper in the short term because it comes in a smaller quantity.

  • NicholsRE posted 2 years ago

    I've used 100 proof vodka as well as Wild Turkey 101, both with great results.

  • J posted 5 years ago

    High proof like Everclear - at least that's what I've read in my research.

  • AP posted 5 years ago

    How high is "high proof"? I something like Wild Turkey 101 good enough or do we have to go higher?

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