The 11 Best Craft Mixers in the USA

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  • opinionated.alchemist.1f0d posted 2 years ago

    I haven't tried a lot of them. But to call some "craft" mixers, is quite a stretch.
    I find e.g. Fever Tree an interesting alternative - but still it taste quite like a commercial version of what it supposed to be substituting. The packaging and marketing here is more, than the real product.
    A bit different it is with Stirring. One is clear - you can't really call this company "craft". However they make unique products - which though are often not more really contemporary [more condiments for umbrella-type of drinks].

  • wendybrngmailcom1385728888 posted 2 years ago

    Ripe is just fantastic, since Ripe came on the market, my wine consumption has dropped 75%, agree with ranking of Fever Tree, except for the Ginger Beer... try "maine root handcrafted beverages", their ginger beer and other ginger based beverages are the best I have tasted.

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