Could Any Beer Be Worth $20,000?

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  • neminem.4d1ec posted 6 months ago

    Drr, that was a lie, apparently the other one on that site is only open to accredited investors , too. So this is literally *the* one and only offering on any site that's been opened to non-accredited investors. Go them!

  • neminem.4d1ec posted 6 months ago

    I didn't think you could *make* beer that strong just with fermentation, dang. (Apparently I'm right and wrong - I looked it up, I was unaware that applejack was made *only* by fermentation and freezing, with no distillation process, which is neat: this "beer" is made in the same way as applejack, just with beer instead of cider. Neat!)

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know about BankRoll, too - I'm not completely sold on Brewdog specifically, but I have been wishing for a crowdfunding equity site that actually *has* any companies willing to open their doors to non-accredited investors now that they're allowed to, as of a few months ago. Having learned that earlier this year, I'd signed up for one of the bigger sites, that *claimed* they'd have some offerings available to the average person soon, but... haven't seen any yet. BankRoll only has 2 right now (including this one), but that's still 2 more than the other place.

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