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  • James Garrido posted 5 years ago

    Great list Mr. Frizell. You are missing something though. Coffee is so brilliant and transcendental because of its simplicity, (cafès for the same reason). The most interesting parts of coffee culture intersect perfectly with bar/cocktail culture in the 21st century. That said, when looking to create a coffee cocktail it's important to look at coffee as a star ingredient with a rich complexity not unlike Chartreuse or Fernet Branca. Here's a recipe that simply and succinctly highlights the ingredient.

    Chat Noîr
    2 oz dark roast Coffee (room temp)
    1 oz Benedictine
    1 oz Cointreau (or comparable Orange Liqueur)

    Combine ingredients in Boston shaker w/ ice, stir with bar spoon, and serve neat in a double rocks glass. Express a flamed twist of orange over glass and drop in.

  • Christopher Carlsson posted 5 years ago

    Here is one I came up with years ago :

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