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  • Tobin S posted 4 years ago

    K/T- wow, so sorry you don't like vermouth. What kind have you tried? Dolin, Vya, Carpano Antica? So much tastier than Noilly Prat or Cinzano (no wonder you don't like THEM). I have been trying to get used to amaro cocktails so Campari and Frenet and hard for me to try. Maybe we're a bit the same.

  • K/T posted 5 years ago

    Every one of these requiring vermouth. Is it wrong that I just...don'

  • Donna Morris posted 5 years ago

    What about the PISCO SOUR..... Feb 28, 1904 - Present..... Creator Victor Vaughen Morris (Salt Lake City, Utah). Family ties in Berkley 1906 - 1910.

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