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  • Midwest Imbiber posted 5 years ago

    I though I hated gin (I know believe it was he bad tonic it always came with), until I tried North Shore modern gin. Made in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Really great, makes a great Negroni and a great G&T with Q Tonic.

  • Seth Schreiner posted 6 years ago

    Hi Mary.

    The gin you are thinking of from Door County, WI, is Death's Door.
    I'll look into purchasing small batch gins and let you know. A little hard as a lot is location dependent.

  • Mary posted 6 years ago

    How can I purchase the small batch gins made throughout the US. One favorite was made with wheat berries, another with various flowers. While I didn't expect Door County WI to be the source of good gin, one of the best originated there. Unfortunately, I forgot its name.

    P.S. I love G-vine from France

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