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  • Duane posted 5 years ago

    I love the stuff. One of the few remaining truly artisanal libations out there. The individual houses and the styles makes it impossible to try just one, and at price points that make it very approachable, it is the perfect quick nip after work.

  • Amanda Garnham posted 5 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. Armagnac is so diverse and different ones suit different occasions. Try sipping it alongside dark chocolate! Very seductive ...
    On the other hand, try a younger fruity one in a cocktail; doesn't need to be elaborate with too many ingredients as it's already so full of flavour - let the Armagnac do the talking!

  • May posted 5 years ago

    And just in time we even have our first snowfall outside to make it even more perfect. My idea of a great night in: snuggle up with a good book, play some fine music and pour yourself a glass of Armagnac to enjoy. Long wInter nights just got so much better.

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