Fancy Cocktails Have Now Arrived at Your Favorite Chain Restaurants

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That strip mall Strawberry Daiquiri isn’t what it used to be. (Photo courtesy Islands Restaurant)

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  • keisha.allen.547 posted 2 years ago

    In many states it is not legal to serve a 3oz martini, let alone a 3.25 oz martini. If it was watered down tasting, she didn't add water to it genius. She didn't use the proper amount of ice, then shook the crap out of it instead of stirring it. P.s., there isn't one ratio set in stone for a gin martini, there are tons, even specifications depending on the style and brand of gin.

  • pouringpro posted 2 years ago

    Note: They way that drink is shaping up in the rocks glass, shows me that the bartender over poured, thus failed to measure the ingredients, cost the bar inventory and never makes the same drink twice in a row.
    Never sacrifice consistency and accuracy for speed or show.
    On a positive note, it is good to see mixology and craft cocktails reaching new territory.

  • pouringpro posted 2 years ago

    As usual we have major hygiene issues when articles are written by writers, not bartenders. Although
    I have watched many how to videos by major bartenders who also have bad habits behind the bar.
    A mixing glass inside a Boston Shaker. You drink It!, not the best way to educate your readers.

  • phillipgindergmailcom364448039 posted 2 years ago

    Super gross.

  • jules.winnfield.9674 posted 2 years ago

    Who the fuck told you 3 ounces is the correct amount?

  • jules.winnfield.9674 posted 2 years ago

    You're kind of a bitch aren't you? Sapphire gin? God, aren't you really original? Are you a real bartender or something?

  • chadmichaelgeorge.582ea82 posted 2 years ago

    Craft cocktail article. Headline photo shows a bartender using a glass to strain the drink. A glass they most likely just had in their hand to shake the drink. Gross.

  • alex.cavanagh.370 posted 2 years ago

    Ouch.... calm down folks...! God forbid someone walks into a chain restaurant! It's good to at least see they are trying to make an effort in their cocktails rather than not do anything at all, is it not?!

  • subina posted 2 years ago

    Yeah, ok, but are you actually watching them make your drink? Don't be fooled. I have one or two Bombay Sapphire Tinis, made by me, every night before dinner (as I'm preparing). I know what a correctly prepared one tastes like. Ordered one in Applebee's (Ugh---forced to go). It was big and beautiful and crystal clear BUT, there was no bite at all. Why was it big? Because they fill it with water and mix it with tons of ice, more than is necessary! I went up to the bar with my glass and asked the lovely young lady, "You're not a real bartender, are you?" Deer in headlights. I told her I wanted my Tini to contain 3 ounces of Bombay Sapphire which is a correct amount and 1/4 oz of dry Vermouth (6:1 ratio). She said I'd have to pay a few more dollars for that. The advertised Signature cocktail was already $10! Moral of the story: WATCH them prepare your drink. They may put the correct brand mame liquor in, but NOT the appropriate amount.

  • argol posted 2 years ago

    I'm so glad you like the suburbs, please stay there. I'm glad you like chain restaurants for they suit your "culture".

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