Is Cannabis the Next Big Cocktail Trend?

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Chill Wave (image: Crystal Sykes)
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  • magicmanmbhotmailcom939831582 posted 11 months ago

    My liability insurance company would freak. Rates are high enough without adding THC. If you just want to get messed up drink everclear. The whole point of being a mixologist and maintaing an enjoyable, friendly, experience in the bar is not to have guests out of there minds. Social interaction is the point of my bars at least.

  • paulplanetfallnet340340869 posted 11 months ago

    Did you mean to say gas in this line?

    "Stir the mixture to dispel remaining grass and let sit for a couple of minutes."

  • iamnancy posted 11 months ago

    I'm sorry, but srsly....YUCK!

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