Brother, Can you Spare a Martini?

Recipes: La Valencia

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  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Brother,can you spare a Martini?Glad you asked,my friend.Yes,I can spare a martini or two,or three,or,four if you really want them.We in Arizona NEVER TURN DOWN SOMEONE THAT NEEDS A MARTINI,or two,or,three,or,four!!!What can I say? Drink hardy,my friend's.Have a great day,or,night,depending when you read this.

  • Rachel posted 7 years ago

    I salute the "discount" cocktail trend. It gives people with tight budgets a chance to still explore cocktails that would otherwise be on the no list because of price. Not so much a fan of the "super discount" cocktail trend, however; "Popov Budget Buster Martinis" doesn't sound good, but it's a popular trend in Michigan.

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