No, Not All Bourbon is From Kentucky

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  • sassandahalf.82f025 posted 2 years ago


  • DonnyB posted 2 years ago

    Hear! Hear! for the double (comments) mention of Garrison Brothers!

  • swplf2sbcglobalnet92091138 posted 2 years ago

    I have tasted the Garrison Brothers products and they are classic bourbons well worth their premium price. The brother that is responsible for creating it was "trained" by the Buffalo Trace people and after several failures ended up surprising himself with just how well it turned out.... What makes Kentucky Bourbon so distinct is the water they start with which is all natural filtered limestone water. Ironical their neighbor to the north Indiana has even better limestone and the companies from Indiana that are now producing bourbon, i.e. Harrison & Spring Mill are both rivals of the classic Kentucky product. A third Hotel Tango is still on hold til their bourbon has properly aged. Hotel Tango is like Garrison using a classic pot still from Kentucky. Hotel Tango is already selling product which does not require agging, and all of there current products are excellent. Oh and dont forget the other Texas one Jesse James.

  • swplf2sbcglobalnet92091138 posted 2 years ago

    I do not understand how Hillrock can use "bourbon" on its label since the U.S. Code of Federal Regulation prescribes to be "bourbon" it must be aged in vigin oak barrels.

  • mgraban.282f5 posted 2 years ago

    Don't forget Garrison Brothers from Hye, TX. They are a straight bourbon whiskey by every legal definition. Their 2013 "Cowboy Bourbon" won many awards.

  • Calamityville posted 2 years ago

    My current favorite is Henry Du Yore, from Ransom Spirits. Rich and round from a good dose of barley in the mash. $35 here in it's home state of Oregon.

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