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  • Ed Adams posted 4 years ago

    Bourbon was created by Scotch-Irish immigrants. They were British ONLY in the sense that they were subjects of the British crown. They were ONLY Irish in the sense that they immigrated to America from Ireland. The Scotch-Irish were actually Scottish - not Irish. They were immigrants from Scottish communities in Northern Ireland that were settled after James I of England (also James VI of Scotland) opened a plantation on seized properties in Northern Ireland. The proof is that bourbon was distilled - until modern distillation methods - by the same dual distillation that has been used in Scotland for hundreds of years. It is also the same dual distillation used by Scotch-Irish of Appalachia in the manufacture of moonshine.

  • Hugh posted 4 years ago

    Second from end WILLETT

  • Chad R. posted 6 years ago

    No Willett? Who's making these lists?

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