Boozy Pokéball Treats for Your Adult Pokémon Go Party

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Pokémon Go is on a path toward world domination. Pokémon trainers of all ages can be seen running around in public places, faces buried in their phones, hunting down rare Pokémon. In many cities, you can even join a Pokémon bar crawl to meet fellow players and catch ’em all while you catch a buzz.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to keep bar-hopping while catching Pidgeys and Zubats. If you prefer to drink at home or want to throw your own Poké-party, here are three ideas for boozy treats inspired by Pokéball (or perhaps Voltorb):

Vodka Cherry Gummy Pokéballs

Image: BigEatsBen

This recipe, created by imgur user BigEatsBen, uses melted-down white and red gummy candies combined with vodka and shaped in cake-pop molds. We’re guessing you could use any silicone sphere mold and a Jell-O Shot recipe to create the same effect, but the idea itself is pure boozy genius.

Get the recipe.

Pokémon Ice Balls

Image: Alcademics

Our favorite ice expert, Camper English, uses ice-sphere molds for Pokéball ice made with plain water and a red beverage of your choosing—cranberry juice, red Gatorade or even Campari. If you stick with juice or sports drinks for the red half, they’re even family-friendly. Just pop them in your favorite cocktail (or soda) and enjoy!

Get the recipe.

Gotcha, Green Fairy Cocktail

Image: @nbritsky

Cocktail enthusiast Nick Britsky (@nbritsky) debuted this cocktail—made from absinthe and Aperol foams—on Instagram. In order to make the special spherical glass, he took the stem from a broken glass and epoxied it to a clear holiday ornament. Just make sure not to throw it around like a real Pokéball!

Need another Pokémon drink fix? Try making one of these 12 cocktails that resemble Pokémon.

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