Why You Should be Extremely Excited About the Return of Blue Cocktails

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Try your hand at The Kirkland Tap & Trotter’s scratch-made blue curaçao recipe.

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  • 2fisted posted 2 years ago

    I love the color, but what does it consist of? I see a glancing reference to "food coloring," but I'd like to know if that f.c. has been analyzed and guaranteed to contain nothing harmful.

  • Tommy Hawk posted 2 years ago

    The headline said, "learn how to make your own" did I miss it? thanks

  • TheTimothyBlack posted 2 years ago

    Eh...maybe for tiki drinks. I dunno. The flavor is great, so we use that new(ish) Dry Curaçao from Pierre Ferrand quite a bit. Not sure about the unnecessary food coloring though for the sake of "ironic."

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