7 Best Vodkas at Any Price

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  • AceExplorer posted 4 months ago

    MrJOshua - So, you wouldn't try most of these? You're far off the mark and you should re-consider.
    swcoop - Good question about the St. Augustine vodka, and I don't have an answer, but their vodka is truly noteworthy. Their new-world-style gin is even better in my opinion. The St. Aug distillery is a serious up-and-comer not to be ignored. Their onsite bar has been ranked one of the top 100 cocktail bars in the world. This speaks volumes about their methods, their goals, and their expertise.

  • MrJ0shua posted 4 months ago

    I'm guessing whoever was involved in this list hasn't ever had any Stoli Elit. Personally, I wouldn't even try most of these.

  • ray.tremblay posted 4 months ago

    Once a spirit is distilled over 190 proof it is considered a NGS (neutral grain spirit), which means most of the flavor has been removed. There's all sorts of popular vodkas made from random fruits and grains (Tito's/corn, Ciroc/Grapes)

  • swcoop posted 4 months ago

    So I'm confused about #4. St. Augustine Florida Cane. If it is fermented from sugar cane, shouldn't it be called rhum agricole (or maybe cachaça)?

    But to take a guess... perhaps it has to do with the distillation proof? I'm thinking I heard once that Rhum is distilled at 140 proof, vodka is likely higher?

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