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  • EmeraldIslander posted 3 years ago

    Then you definitely missed out on The Tonga Hut in North Hollywood. Opened in 1958. We had our 55th anniversary last year.

  • Rowdy2 posted 4 years ago

    Was just at the Tiki Bar in Islamorada this past weekend!

  • Patco posted 4 years ago

    And let's not forget the Tiki Bar, yes it's called the Tiki Bar, in Islamorada, Florida. This great Keys bar brings me back to a spring break spent there in 1990. I hope it's still around!

  • Duke posted 4 years ago

    Don't forget Cana Rum Bar in downtown LA...not really a Tiki bar, but a great rum bar. I also like Player's Tiki Lounge on Pier 39 inside Player's.

  • MJS posted 4 years ago

    The Kon Tiki in Tucson - another one with good food and the original decor + bar. The fiber work around its wooden posts is really elaborate.

  • Tiki posted 4 years ago

    One would think that James T. would have been consulted for this list...

  • Larry Benjamin posted 4 years ago

    What about the Alibi in Portland, Oregon?

  • Leo posted 4 years ago

    Also forgot Hala Kahiki Lounge just outside Chicago. This place is packed every weekend.

  • Kimberly posted 4 years ago

    I am surprised you do not have one listed from Hawaii. When we were in Oahu, we found one of the few remaining authentic Tiki lounges in Hawaii, called La Mariana Restaurant and Bar. It was a fantastic experience!

  • posted 4 years ago

    Jake, this story focuses on vintage tiki bars that have been around since the '50s and '60s (or in the case of Frankie's, that contain vintage tiki art). Check out our rum bars guide for some modern tiki spots (including Smuggler's Cove):

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