6 Best Tequilas Under $40

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  • Karmaray posted 4 months ago

    While I do agree with several of the choices here what I don't understand is that we have blind tasted against 5 of these and Karma Tequila silver and reposado were the winners. Maybe if you tried them for yourselves, there would be a new ranking.

  • jon.1563 posted 4 months ago

    Espolon Reposado is FAR superior to any of those listed and only costs about $20!

  • pouringpro posted 4 months ago

    A relatively unknown Plata tequila distilled in Jalisco by the American Company McCormick retails for $16-18.00 As a lifelong tequila drinker, enjoying Sauza in the 60's and all the rest during the Tequila blitz of the 80's, I find this Tequila great on the rocks or as the backbone of the many tequila concoctions I have made over 40 years of bartending. The McCormick family distillery in Missouri is historic. Their craft tradition goes back to 1856. All my tequila loving graduates of #ConnecticutSchoolofBartending.com are taught to use this fine product. My favorite is a drink I called "Cape Fear", after a night of drinking with Nick Nolte. 2 oz. of McCormick Plata and 4 oz. give or take of Ocean Spray Cranberry (original) on ice with a squeeze of fresh lime.
    Here is a great on e for Ski Season!!
    The Downhill Takedown: Muddle dash of bitters, 1/2 teaspoon oganic sugar and a 1/2 teaspoon
    of agave syrup with a slice of lime and a green maraschino cherry in rocks glass. Next: Ice rocks glass, add 1 1/2 oz. of McCormick Silver and a splash of club soda. The drink is consumed through a short straw.
    So we have a Tequila Old Fashioned consumed Mind Eraser style. Straight Down Hill!!!

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