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  • David posted 6 years ago

    @Brian : I don't think Ball & Biscuit can claim "actually was a speakeasy", which I think was the point of this post. Don't get me wrong: they make good drinks (including an Aviation, done properly -- with creme de violette. The Grand Marnier Smash was new to me, and also very good). But they're a new bar: they "affect the [pre-]speakeasy vibe", but don't have the actual history.

    Also, I'll disagree with the article's recommendation of the Stiletto from Bourbon and Branch. It's not a bad drink, but they do better. My favorite is the Devil's Advocate (gin, lemon, raspberries, absinthe, and I'm probably forgetting something). You also can't go wrong with the Claremont Affair (pear-infused rye, amaro nonino, and orange bitters, if I remember correctly). My girlfriend likes the Eva Perron so much that I had to recreate it at home! (Fernet Branca, Carpano Antica Vermouth, lime juice, ginger liqueur, ginger beer.)

  • Brian posted 6 years ago

    You missed a great one in downtown Indianapolis called Ball & Biscuit. It has a full pre-Prohibition menu -->

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