7 Best Rums Under $50

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  • planxan2aolcom659270434 posted 4 months ago

    Many mistakes in this article, starting right at the top when you began the numbering at 2 instead of 1. Need an experienced writer? Contact me.

  • Sambo posted 4 months ago

    Sure - Like us mere mortals can get real Havana Club from Cuba.
    This choice makes me sad...

  • gadflyonthewall posted 4 months ago

    I don't understand why Westerhall isn't on this list?

  • gil.batzri.7c510 posted 4 months ago

    The fact that the people you are interviewing to give their capsule reviews don't know the difference between an Agricole and an Industrial rum makes me really question if any of these rums, or your advice, is worth the click it took to see them (For the record El Dorado 15 is a molasses rum, from Guyana, not from Martinique, nor made with fresh cane pressed juice, both requirements for "rhum agricole" designations. ) The person who made that statement should be ashamed.

  • joshua.g.miller.e704fb7 posted 4 months ago

    "RON ZACAPA 23 YEARS" should read "RON ZACAPA 23". The number is not an age statement.

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