11 Best Gins at Any Price

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  • winniegrl2002.149173 posted 4 months ago

    No Barr Hill???
    No Bluecoat???

  • rootzoo posted 4 months ago

    Am relatively new to gin and blown away by the range of the spirit. My wife and I really appreciate cocktails such as Aviations, Negroni's and Last Words and there's no question that certain gins go better in specific applications. Would be super helpful to match specific gins with some of the cocktails with which they pair best. Please post any links if they are available... Thanks!

  • dcrowe.77f6e posted 4 months ago

    The Spirit Guild ( a small LA distillery ) has created a superlative gin called Astral Pacific. It's very unique in that its base spirit is derived from clementines. The standard ingredient of juniper is supplemented with pink peppercorns, coriander and pistachio ! Wow !

  • planxan2aolcom659270434 posted 4 months ago

    First of all, this list is nothing less than silly without the inclusion of Hendrick's and Tanqueray No. Ten. Those two gins consistently win in blind taste tests. Second, the Sipsmith gin... seriously? I conducted my own blind tasting with eight guests with Sipsmith and two other gins, one of which was a very cheap ($8 a bottle) product, and Sipsmith came in last among all tasters. Even the cheapest gin scored better.

  • sinsalacotommyrottercom3339204 posted 4 months ago

    I wish you could taste Tommyrotter Distillery's American Gin or their new Bourbon Barrel Gin. Both would be valuable additions to your list.

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