9 Best Bourbons Under $50

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  • vinnym11attnet466195354 posted 3 months ago

    Spot on regarding 3. HENRY MCKENNA SINGLE BARREL ($32). This is my stock, go-to Bourbon. A bit hard to find, I plan on buying a case soon so I can insure a long-term supply.

  • MrSoul51 posted 3 months ago

    Couple of my favs here, esp Four Roses Yellow. At just over $25 in my area a real good deal. Missing from your list another favorite for under $30 - Larceny.

  • tim.sherwin.52 posted 3 months ago

    I spoke to the manager of my local liquor store (it's a large, well stocked shop.) He tells me he received LESS Weller Antique than Pappy this year. Antique is VERY hard to find.

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