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  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    LA??!!! What's up?!Hey we are Southeast of LA.Try comin' to Tucson,Arizona.(Not Phoenix!!!).This is the place to be at,my friend's.You think we can't party?!Or,mix a darn good drink,or what? Tucson is where it is happening.

  • John Coltharp - Seven Grand/Los Angeles posted 7 years ago

    Thank you very much Simon. We are doing our best to provide quality cocktails and service to our patrons. As someone who grew up in the Northwest, Chimacum more specifically, I'm very happy to see the WSBG so strong. I've been a part of LA's cocktail push for awhile now an I'm very happy with it's present state. I fell like a rising tide on the west coast brings all ships higher. I can't wait to head up to San Francisco to Smuggler's Cove! Still, Zig Zag will always be in my heart and I will visit every time I come back to see family and friends- John

  • Andrew - Liberty Bar/Seattle posted 7 years ago

    Around 1K miles to the north of LA, Sunny Seattle has a unique place and deserved reputation as one of America's spirits and cocktail havens. Here, the Washington State Bartender's Guild works to foster an environment to promote a great expectation in terms of quality spirits and cocktails. That said, I am always surprised that LA up to now has seemed to not have a notable quality cocktail culture. Vanish and The Edison sure changed that, and Audry's Tar Pit? Talk about upholding the standard? No problem.

    Fantastic - now there's more reasons to run down to LA, and I look forward to the next few years as the trend towards quality develops into the norm.

    Andrew Friedman
    Owner - Liberty
    President - WSBG

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