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  • Charlie posted 4 years ago

    Triniti Restaurant on Shepard Drive in Houston is another must stop for drinks.... I travel once a month to Houston, TX from AZ and stop in to have one in particular "The Mexican Stand Off" cocktail. Bartender Sean is the creative mind behind this Stand-Off. When I asked Sean what was in this award winning cocktail, what he told me was very surprising to me....

    He said it is crafted with Embajador Platinum Tequila, Tomatillo (It's a small green tomato. Very popular in the Mexican-culture to make salsa and other tasty sauces) Cilantro, A special in-house Habanero liqueur, cynar and yuzu. It is AMAZING!! I know we all have different taste buds, but I think this one for the most part is an all around palate pleaser.... After you have it you will know why they call it the Mexican Stand-Off

  • Dg Blackburn posted 4 years ago

    y'all missed Reserve Houston...

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