One for the Road: Honolulu

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Locations: Hawaii Honolulu

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  • Joey posted 6 years ago

    The Mai Tai Bar's Mai Tai Commits every sin it can, It's no mai tai thats for sure.

  • Aloha Tony posted 6 years ago

    The Lewers Lounge is a MUST visit for locals and tourists. The wife and I occasionally finish our evenings out there due to the amazing bartenders and the atmosphere. The place is lit like a bar should be! Also, you can usually score some delicious Canadian Rye here :)

  • Thirsty in LA posted 7 years ago

    Nice list, but you had to post this the *day* I'm back from Waikiki? ;-) Tim at Lewers is indeed great; ask for his Island Lava (off-menu), a spicy margarita variation with all-Hawaiian ingredients. You can also go off-menu at the Mai Tai Bar and get one Trader Vic's style.

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