One for the Road: Denver and Boulder

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  • Terry B. posted 6 years ago

    Hey,wait just a minute here!Do you think that Denver is the only place that has great bars?You people need to know that Denver isn't really in the West!You'll need to get your backsides down to ol Tucson,Arizona asap.Now this is the West,here.Drinks,beers,wines,anything that you might want to "partake in' can be found right here.As a citizen of Tucson,I give you my word on ALL of this stated previously.We treat all people,whether from Tucson,or, any visitors that might be here on a vacation.Fine eateries,great saloons,whatever your pleasure brings you.So,moral of this story,You'll come down and see us sometime.You won't be dissapointed.Time to sign-out now.Be safe,drink hardy,your friend from Tucson signin out for now,Terry Bovey

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