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  • Dawn posted 5 years ago

    Great article. I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam last week and visited both Hiding in Plain Sight and Door 74 based on your reviews. Both were excellent cocktail bars and offered top notch libations for our night. Thank you!

  • Guillermo posted 5 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for the write up! This evening we had some guests who came to us thanks to this article. They left with a smile and hopefully will be back soon... Thanks again,

  • Christopher Carlsson posted 5 years ago

    Don't forget De Admiraal and De Arendsnest both on Heerrengracht (but across the canal from each other) De Admiraal is the Proefkallen for Van Wees ( De Ollvaar) distillery with about 20 some odd genevers ranging from fresh off the still to 20 years old and a simply amazing array of traditional and new liqueurs ( their bitters are also quite good) While the Arendsnest is a very nice beer bar.
    If you don't feel like carrying anything home you can go to Quinta Wijnen nearby and Franz will happily mail you bottles of anything you n=might take a fancy to.
    Not to mention for those who like tea - go to Simon Levelt's ( nearby) for some absolutely lovely tea ...
    Although if you are coming back from Amsterdam be sure to keep your receipts for when you might be arguing with the customs agents about that 1/2 kilo of tea you bought.
    Not to mention the spices from the apothecary in Utrecht who wraps them up so they look alarmingly like large bindles of other substances ;-)

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