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  • posted 4 years ago

    Good catch; we’ve corrected the spelling of Laszlo. But the story refers to an earlier scene; Laszlo does indeed try to turn down Champagne from Captain Renault.

  • znachki posted 4 years ago

    While Patrick Dennis mixes an awesome Martini for his Auntie Mame, for sheer comic value, you can't beat the Daquiri that Mr. Upson makes "Mamie" during her visit to Upson Downs. The secret ingredient? Honey! And then the payoff to the joke later in the movie.

  • Christopher Carlsson posted 4 years ago

    At the other end of the spectrum don't forget 'Under the Volcano" with Albert Finney . I was speaking with a film historian at the Eastman who said Finney was doing shots of Mezcal between takes.
    BTW wives don't think it's funny when you tell someone that Geoffrey Fermin ( Finney's character) was a role model when they are within earshot - trust me on that one.

  • Tom English posted 4 years ago

    Sorry Dale, you got it all wrong. Victor Laszlo (not Lazlo as you state in the story) did dring his bubbly in Casablanca. In one scene he ordered two champagne cocktails at the bar in Ricks. Shortly after that the Germans started singing Die Wacht am Rhein. With that, Victor goes to the band leader and demands that they play Les Marseillaise. The band leader looks to Rick and he nods his head telling him to do so. The band plays, everyone stands to sing the words, Yvonne is redeemed, etc etc. As far as I am concerned, it is the second best scene in the movie,, The first? Well we'll always have Paris!

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