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  • Gerry Coard posted 5 years ago

    re: Behind the Bar - Irish Coffee.
    The Irish Coffee legend did indeed originate at Shannon International Airport, but goes further back in time.
    This is purported to be the real story of it`s discovery. The first Trans Atlantic flights had to land at Shannon to refuel and journey on to London and Paris. The passengers had not the comforts of modern air travel and were freezing cold after the long trip from the States.When they arrived at the terminal the first thing most of them ordered was hot coffee. A sympathetic barman could`nt help but notice how cold they always were, instinctivey spiked their very hot coffee with whiskey,included sugar for energy and cream.
    The passengers,after thawing out a bit, raved about the coffee to the barman, saying, "Gee, that`s really great coffee,what is it ? " he replied," That`s a Gaelic Coffee. "
    ,he barman,it is said,spiked the coffee on his own initiative,local whiskeys cost very little then,and I`m sure he was tipped well by the Americans. I´m Irish born and have heard this story in many parts of Ireland,told and verified to me by people who should know.

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