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  • rockstar904 posted 3 years ago

    Chief Go-anus might be the worst name since Ivanabitch vodka. Or am I putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable?

  • posted 3 years ago

    Chief Gowanus is very different from most gins out there—its base is rye whiskey rather than a neutral spirit, and it's also barrel-aged—so it's not really meant to replace standard gin in cocktail recipes. You might try it in place of Bols Genever, which is more similar to Chief Gowanus than most London dry gins. Try one of the recipes here:

  • JudithKlinger posted 3 years ago

    Have you tasted the Chief Gowanus New Netherland gin?
    We have a bottle and don't know what to do with it, because, frankly speaking, it tastes a lot like water directly from today's Gowanus canal. It seems to hate Vermouth. A Gowanus Martinez? Not the best.
    It must be good in some cocktail but we haven't found one yet. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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