Behind the Bar: Closing Time

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  • Elisse posted 6 years ago

    I empathise... The Launch on 3rd Ave/94th St., with its pool table, was right across from my apt. and my "Cheers" for years; when it closed, I found Richter's Bar on 3rd Ave. right up the street. When that closed, however, and with the demolition of that building, my friends and I truly lost our living room. When the idiot smoking-in-bar ban came into effect, that was the death-knell; the "village" of people I knew from that bar who picked up each other's mail, walked or watched each other's dogs, celebrated and grieved together, and ordered in sushi, dissapeared. Rather than stand in the freezing sleet or broiling heat to smoke and come back in to find your things stolen and your drink dumped, my friends basically stopped going out, and that was that. (And we all spent an Insane amount of money in bars, so to say there was no negative economic impact is a blatent lie- just ask any bartender or owner...) I have fond memories of Marty O'Brien's on 2nd Ave. (across from Elaine's), especially following 9/11 when we gathered there after emotionally grueling days to hear Pat McGuire sing "You're So Beautiful" every Thursday, and heartbreaking memories of the NYPD & FDNY pipers coming up 2nd Ave. to Marty's playing Amazing Grace after a funeral... My husband, whom I met in NYC during the 9/11 disaster response operation, and with whom I shared Marty's and Richter's, and I, moved to WV in 2002; the bar-centric villages I knew in NYC no longer exist except in memory... and it makes me feel 104!

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