Behind the Bar: Bastille Day

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  • Iron Monkey posted 2 years ago

    I´m sure is "Crema de Orujo". Look for Ruavieja as a brand in Google and you´ll find it.

  • Dianeo posted 3 years ago

    I have a question unrelated to the article. Our daughter was visiting cities in the South of Spain. The waiter brought them each a "creamy shot that tasted like butterscotch" to help their digestion. She cannot seem to locate what this drink would have been. Any thoughts?

  • Charlie posted 4 years ago

    Great article Dale. Ahh Yes, the Parisian Blond. Of course one comment on the Bloody Mary.
    I always like crushing celery seed into my mix. Gives that burst of celery when you bite down on a seed. My secret ingredient; a hint of Akvavit. It adds mystery to the flavor profile. A Votre Sante!

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