A New Kind of Irish Bar

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Locations: Chicago
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  • litekeepr4 posted 1 year ago

    This is not an Irish Pub. It should be dark, have snugs, and smell of good Irish Whiskey. I am sure this bar is none of those things. Why change something that has worked for many years. Do they have traditional music? What about the craic? Leave well enough alone!

  • IFortuna posted 1 year ago

    This bar looks so nice, however, cramped. I don't care how tiny one is, there is no elbow room especially concerning the seats with the half wall on one side. There are no tables that seat more than two according to the photo.
    The barstools have wooden seats and will become uncomfortable after awhile. They are not conducive to keeping the patrons in the bar.
    I give this design a big "fail" as this is not a comfortable place to meet with friends or hangout for more than one drink.

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